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Questions to ask when shopping for Travel Trailers Saskatoon | Sellers RV

What to ask your RV dealer when Buying an RV in Sasketchewan

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Welcome to Sellers RV Dealer near Saskatoon your preferred Jayco and Coachmen RV dealer! We’re delighted you’ve joined us for the latest installment of our blog. We’ve been RV dealers in Saskatchewan for 40 years now, so when it comes to RV Sales Saskatoon, we know a thing or two! We understand just how important it is to purchase your new, or pre-owned RV right here in Saskatchewan, from a RV Saskatoon superstore like Sellers!


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Especially for those new to the RV lifestyle, shopping for a new RV can be stressful, there are so many variables, and some dealers may try to take advantage of someone’s inexperience to sell them something they simply don’t need. That’s not how we do business here at Sellers RV, we make it our priority to educate and inform, and that’s why we’re going to elaborate on some of the most important questions to ask your RV dealers when shopping for trailers in Saskatoon, or Saskatchewan in general.

Here are a few tips to help your RV Buying Journey

  • When you get to the dealer, keep your questions at 35,000 feet! There are so many amenities, features, brands, model names, etc. You can wind up confusing yourself even more by going over the top with details. List your priorities for your new RV with all who will be involved with the purchase and running of the unit, and focus on those as your question bases.


  • Next, tell the dealer what you’re looking to get out of an RV, and then ask what they have that best meets your needs. This is absolutely vital and will make the difference between walking out with the RV of your dreams, or being stuck with something that’s maybe too big, too small, not enough features, or loaded with things you’ll never use!


  • Be sure to ask what are the dealers recommended brands, and most importantly, why! Most of today’s RVs and trailers are built to rigorous standards, but not all are created equal. While most customers are working to a specific budget price point, and this will be an important factor, for some money is no object and the sky is the limit. This will impact your choices when it comes to selecting your brand; some manufacturers are geared towards all-out luxury, and are feature packed, whereas other brands’ trailers are well built but more basic on the interior. Your Saskatoon RV dealer will be able to give you a great direction as to which brand will best suit what you’re looking for in your price bracket.


  • Find out what the standard features are; this is especially important if you’re planning to custom order a new RV trailer. The brochure may show a fully loaded unit, but you may find that to get this specification you’ll have put more money in. This can also sometimes be the case on a floor model, it may have some features installed as a demo, but may not come with them at the sticker price. By double checking what is, and what isn’t included, you’ll make sure you don’t go home disappointed!


  • You definitely need to ask what is, and isn’t included in the warranty. Warranties can be tricky waters to navigate, and by asking your RV dealer specifically what would be covered and what wouldn’t under certain circumstances, you’ll have a much better understanding of what is being offered. The right warranty can make the difference between years of trouble free camping, or some pretty extensive repair bills; at Sellers RV we pride ourselves on how transparent we are throughout the sales process, our knowledgeable team will ensure you get all the warranty information you could ever need about all of our models.


  • Before making a decision on an RV or trailer, ask what level of maintenance it requires. If you’re considering a teardrop or an ultra light travel trailer with limited plumbing and no slide outs, you’re going to encounter significantly reduced amounts of preparation and maintenance compared to units like large fifth wheels or travel trailers with multiple slide outs, full-service kitchens, toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs.


  • Along the lines of “what maintenance is required?”, make sure to ask your Saskatchewan RV dealer whether or not they provide in house service and repair. By purchasing and servicing and maintaining at the same dealer, the technicians will have a running knowledge of your RV, and any idiosyncrasies associated with it. Sellers RV service and repair all makes and models of RV, but not all dealers will do this – take care, especially when looking at pre-owned RVs that the dealer who sells it to you will also take care of service and maintenance further down the road!


  • Find out what the real price is! Many dealers aren’t upfront with their pricing, and this can be frustrating when you set a budget around an advertised price. Always be sure to ask what the ‘out the door’ cost is going to be. At Sellers RV, we never charge documentation fees, there are no hidden dealer charges and there are certainly no extra fees. On top of that, all new trailer purchases from Sellers include full LPG tanks, a battery, a sewer hose, a park adapter plug, a spare tire, a comprehensive orientation session in which one of our experts will walk you through the proper operation if your new RV, and much more!


  • Ask whether or not the dealer will finance your new or pre-owned RV. Not all dealers offer this, and it can really help you to get the best deal. Sellers RV works with some of the biggest and best banks and will do their best to get the best possible rates; not only that but in the spirit of transparency, we don’t charge any additional administration fees for taking care of your RV financing needs too.


  • If you’re looking to upgrade an RV or trailer you already own, make sure you find out if the dealer accepts trade-ins. This is extremely important – don’t go to all the trouble of searching for that perfect RV only to find out that the RV you were planning to part exchange can’t be used in the deal. At Sellers RV we pay top $$$ for quality used RV trade-ins.

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Of course, this list of questions to ask your RV dealer when buying an RV in Saskatchewan isn’t exclusive. Other things will crop up, and you may have some very specific demands, but our aim at Sellers is to ensure that you have the most enjoyable possible experience when shopping for your new, or new to you, RV trailer; after all, our motto here at Sellers is that buying an RV should be fun! By properly preparing yourself before making the trip to your Saskatoon RV dealers, you’ll make sure that you don’t forget to ask the sales team about what’s important to you, and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. So, what are you waiting for? Come on down to Sellers RV today! Family owned and operated for 40 years, we’ve served hundreds of families over the years and we hope to serve you and yours next!